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Metools is one of the largest laser cutting machine manufacturers in china, focusing on R & D and sales of fiber laser metal cutting machines for decades. In recent years, it has created a lot of value for the world.


Super Factory-Metools CNC

Founded in 2001, Metools is a leader in fiber laser cutting equipment in Jinan. Over the years, it has focused on the development and sale of fiber laser cutting machines. At present, it has the largest production base of CNC fiber laser cutters in China, and the export volume of high-power machines ranks in the forefront of the world.

Metools has a total of 488 employees.

  • 1 expert who enjoys special allowance from the State Council;
  • 5 European senior technical experts;
  • 15 senior technicians;
  • 45 intermediate technicians;
  • 55 junior technicians;

  • 5 technicians with PhDs;
  • 20 technicians with a Master degree;
  • 398 with a Bachelor’s degree;
  • 105 R & D technicians.

European Technology, More Advanced

Metools has dual-core technology for laser and machine tools, using Germany’s advanced and mature fiber laser cutting technology. Achieve all aspects of production and quality control throughout the process. Full implementation of European standards, product performance is stable and reliable.

Business Philosophy of Metools

  1. Become a CNC fiber laser expert and create value for customers;
  2. Adhere to scientific innovation and keep developing domestic and international advanced fiber laser cutting equipment;
  3. 8000w, 10000w, 12000w and 15000w fiber laser metal cutting machines have been successfully developed;
  4. A new type of high-speed laser cutting machine with a speed of up to 200 meters/minute and an acceleration of up to 3G, reaching the international advanced level;
  5. Diversified development fiber laser cutting systems: including customized systems for cutting round tubes, square tubes and various shaped tubes;
  6. A wide range of application industries: including sheet metal processing, machinery manufacturing, elevator equipment manufacturing, automobile locomotives, shipbuilding, aerospace, petroleum industry, household appliance manufacturing, kitchenware lamps, decorative advertising, textile printing and dyeing, leather carving and so on;
  7. The fiber laser cutting equipment is professional, efficient, and stable.

Honor of Metools

  • Member of the Laser Processing Professional Committee of the Chinese Optical Society;
  • Member of the National Optical Radiation Safety and CNC Laser Equipment Technical Standardization Committee;
  • An excellent supplier of Chinese launch vehicle manufacturing;
  • The backbone of China’s high-speed railway supports railway locomotives of enterprises;
  • Passed the national high-tech enterprise certification, national high-tech enterprise;
  • Shandong Science and Technology Enterprise, Jinan Science and Technology Innovation Enterprise, Jinan Enterprise Technology R & D Center.


Metools focuses on the technological development of the fiber laser cutting and welding industry and provides high-quality fiber optic laser cutting machines and after-sales service to the world. At present, we have exported thousands of high-power CNC fiber laser cutting machines in more than 100 countries and regions such as the United States, Britain, Germany, Australia, Russia, and India. As an industry leader, we are eager to become partners with outstanding companies in various fields. And we look forward to the global ushering in a new era of manufacturing intelligence development.


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Metools Laser

High-quality fiber laser cutting machine supplier from China.

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