CNC Fiber Laser Cutter VS CO2 Engraving Machine-Metools


CNC Fiber Laser Cutter VS CO2 Engraving Machine-Metools



When choosing between a fiber laser cutter and a CO2 laser, you may not know which machine is best for your application.

We provide the following important factors to ensure our customers are better served.

What is the essential difference between them?

The fiber laser generator of the fiber laser cutting machine can generate a high energy density laser beam. The laser beam is collected on the surface of the cutting material, and the cutting area is rapidly melted and vaporized by the irradiation of the light spot. This enables automatic cutting.

And The CO2 laser machine uses a laser power source to drive the laser tube to emit light, and through the refraction of several mirrors, the light is focused on the laser head, which sublimates the material into a gas and is sucked away by a fan to achieve the purpose of cutting.

The following table is for reference.




Fiber laser cutting machineCO2 laser machine
Cutting speedDouble the CO2 laser cutting machine with the same power___________
Photoelectric conversion rateUp to 30%About 10%
MaintenanceNo maintenance requiredObject damage cost
Product operationNo need to adjust the light pathAdjust the light path
Wavelength1.064 microns10.64 microns
Beam qualityExcellentGood
Cutting materialOnly cut sheet metal and pipesAcrylic, non-metal, etc.
PriceHigherRelatively low
Cool downSmall coolerOversized
Reliability50000-100000 hoursOnly about 20,000 hours
Edge qualityFine cutting lines and good processing qualityGeneral
SafetyCompletely enclosed machine is saferSafer

The advantages and disadvantages of them.

Fiber laser cutting machineHigh beam quality


Stable performance

Flexible light guide effect

No flexible parts and mirrors

High price


Only for cutting metal

CO2 laser machineSuitable for thicker materials


Fast cutting speed

Cutting material wide

Fair price

Needs precise alignment


Regular maintenance

Slow cutting of sheets

Not suitable for cutting reflective metal

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