Three Parts of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Cost-Metools


Three Parts of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Cost-Metools



CO2 laser machine and fiber laser cutting machine

which one should I choose?

When you choose to buy a CO2 laser or a fiber laser, you need to clearly know your cutting materials and budget. Low cost fiber laser cutting machines also have very good performance.

If you need to cut metal, buy a fiber laser cutter. Correspondingly, you may need a high-power fiber laser. If you are cutting textiles, wood, cardboard, plastic, or rubber, CO2 lasers are the best choice.

The difference between the two machines that can handle different materials is that each laser has a different wavelength.

The wavelength of a fiber laser is usually 1060 nm, while a CO2 laser is 10600 nm. Click CNC Fiber Laser Cutter VS CO2 Engraving Machine for more information.

How to calculate the cost of a fiber laser cutting machine?

Three parts of fiber laser machine cost including electricity, auxiliary gas, and wear parts.

  • The First Part
  • The Second Part
  • The Third Part
The First Part

The power of fiber laser cutting cost is mainly generated by the laser source, servo motor, and chiller.

According to statistics from authoritative data, the photoelectric conversion rate of fiber cutting machines is as high as 25%, so the laser source of a 1000w fiber cutting machine consumes 4000w per hour; The main consumption device of the machine tool part is the servo motor. Assume that we use 4 servo motors for a 1325 ordinary fiber cutting machine, and the power consumption is about 4000w; Finally, it is the chiller. The cost per hour of a suitable chiller is around 3000w.

Therefore, we calculate that the total power cost of a 1000w ordinary fiber cutter is 11000w. But in fact, because it is impossible for all components to run at full power at the same time, the actual cost maybe only 60%. In this case, a 1300x2500mm fiber cutting machine costs only 6600w per hour. It must be said that almost no machine can be more economical than fiber lasers.

The Second Part

We all know that the operation of the fiber laser cutting machine requires O2 or N2.

Laser tube cutting machine cost of these auxiliary gases is related to the thickness of the metal. Liquid nitrogen and oxygen are not only effective but also cheap. A large liquefied gas tank never needs to be replaced.

The Third Part

Frequently worn parts include protective glasses, focusing lenses, nozzles, and ceramic cups.

The service life of the ceramic cup is about 1 year. Protective lenses and nozzles cost about $ 15-30. Focusing lenses are $ 150. If you have this kind of need, Metools will provide it at any time.

Fiber cutting machines are more suitable for you.

In summary, even if the cost of a fiber laser cutter is high, the operating and maintenance cost is much lower than the CO2 laser. This means that one fiber laser cutter is about the same workload as three CO2 lasers. If you have any fiber laser cutting machine problems and solutions, contact us as soon as possible.

If you are the owner of a large company that manufactures products from thin metal, copper or aluminum alloys, buying fiber cutters as your first choice in the long run.


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