Twelve Top Industries Of Fiber Laser Cutting Applications


Twelve Top Industries Of Fiber Laser Cutting Applications




The flexibility, adaptability, and high efficiency of fiber laser cutting machines are unmatched by traditional lasers. Therefore, in the future, the uses of fiber laser cutting machine will become more and more widespread. Here, I just listed the general 12 industries of fiber laser machines application. For a detailed introduction, we have listed the industry solutions on this website for your reference. At the end of the article, in order to deepen your understanding, we have listed 500w fiber laser cutting capacity and fiber laser cutting samples.

The following are 12 application industries.

  • 1. Locomotive Manufacturing
  • 2. Construction Machinery
  • 3. Sheet Metal Processing Industry
  • 4. Oil Industry
  • 5. Shipbuilding
  • 6. Chassis Cabinet
  • 7. Grain Industry
  • 8. Textile Industry
  • 9. Aerospace
  • 10. Automobile Manufacturing
  • 11. Fitness Industry
  • 12. Elevator Industry
1. Locomotive Manufacturing

Laser cutting, laser cleaning, etc. play an important role in high-speed rail machines in locomotive manufacturing. Fiber laser cutting has obvious advantages. For details, please click the original article fiber laser cutting applications of Locomotive manufacturing.

2. Construction Machinery

The application of the laser processing machine has greatly improved China’s manufacturing level in national defense construction, housing construction, and mining energy. For its specific application in the industry, please click on the original article fiber laser cutting machine application of Construction machinery.

3. Sheet Metal Processing Industry

Fiber laser cutting is an efficient and high-quality flexible processing technology. It has great advantages for 6mm sheet metal. The original article fiber laser cutting capabilities of the Sheet metal processing industry introduced in detail the application of the three processing technologies and the differences compared to the traditional processing methods.

4. Oil Industry

The typical technology of laser machine used in the oil industry is laser cutting oil screen. Want to know the principle of laser cutting oil screen tubes? Welcome to click to view the fiber laser cutting machine application of the oil industry.

5. Shipbuilding

The application of laser mechanics in the field of shipbuilding industry has greatly reduced the workload of welding, thereby improving production efficiency. For more details, click the original article fiber laser cutting machine application of the Shipbuilding industry.

6. Chassis Cabinet

The outer cover of the chassis cabinet is mostly made of metal sheets. The laser cutting machine is used in the chassis cabinet industry. This flexible method shortens the production cycle. For details, please refer to the original article The application of Chassis and cabinet for fiber laser cutting machine.

7. Grain Industry

The application of laser equipment has improved the level of agricultural mechanization. Want to see the agricultural machinery produced by Metools? Please check the application of laser equipment in the original grain industry.

8. Textile Industry

Laser sewing, laser embroidery, and other technologies can be completed with laser equipment. The use of laser cutting machines has promoted the development of textile machinery production enterprises. For details, see the application of original fiber laser equipment in the textile industry.

9. Aerospace

The processing of aircraft sheet metal parts requires very high technology, and the use of fiber laser equipment just meets the application of the aerospace industry. For details, see the original article on the application of laser machines in the Aerospace industry.

10. Automobile Manufacturing

Do you know? In industrialized countries such as Europe and the United States, 50% -70% of auto parts are processed by fiber laser. Want to know which part of the car can be processed by CNC laser machine? Welcome to the original article fiber laser cutting machine application of Automobile manufacturing.

11. Fitness Industry

Fiber laser equipment can be used to process gyms and fitness equipment. The use of laser cutting machines, laser welding machines, laser marking machines, etc. has a greater impact on the fitness industry. For details, please see the original article application of laser equipment in the fitness industry.

12. Elevator Industry

The fiber laser cutter can act on stainless steel elevators of about 3mm. Compared with traditional carbon dioxide cutting, it has many advantages. For details, see the original article fiber laser cutting applications of the Elevator industry.

500w fiber laser cutting machine capacity.

The following example illustrates the performance of a 500w fiber laser cutting machine capacity manufactured by Metools. This machine can also meet the cutting of carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, galvanized, steel plate, pickling plate, aluminum zinc plate, copper, and various metal materials.

The maximum cutting speed is up to 30 meters per minute, of course, it depends on the metal material and the power of the laser. The cutting thickness also depends on the material you need to cut. Metools’ 500w fiber cutting machine can also be used in sheet metal processing, aerospace, electrical appliances, automobiles, and so on. The cut sample picture is as follows.

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