Fiber Laser Vs Plasma Cutting Tips You Need To Learn


Fiber Laser Vs Plasma Cutting Tips You Need To Learn




When customers need to cut metal and other materials, they usually face a problem. Which machine should I use? Is it a fiber laser cutting machine? Is it a plasma cutting machine? What’s the difference between CNC cutting and laser cutting? Before you decide to buy, please read this article patiently. This article gives a detailed explanation of the principles and advantages and disadvantages of fiber laser vs plasma cutting machines.

What is CNC plasma cutting?

In 1950, the plasma cutting machine was introduced. The invention of plasma cutting technology was 15 years earlier than the fiber laser. For now, it must be said that plasma cutting technology is the oldest cutting method. The cutting principle of the plasma machine is to use the arc formed between the gas and the metal when the gas is ejected from the nozzle, thereby generating plasma. The plasma propagates down the conductive channel. In this process, a lot of heat is generated to melt the metal.

What is the fiber laser cutting machine?

There are two types of lasers, CO2 laser cutting machine and fiber laser cutting machine. Then, the CO2 laser cutting machine has a very poor cutting effect on substances with reflective surfaces, such as copper and aluminum. The fiber laser cutting machine is suitable for all metals, and the thickness of the cutting material is relatively wide. To learn more about fiber laser cutting vs co2 laser cutting, please click on the article fiber versus co2 laser cutting. The principle of fiber laser cutting technology is that the fiber laser outputs a high-density laser beam, with the assistance of nitrogen and oxygen. So that the irradiated area on the surface of the workpiece is instantly vaporized and melted.

What is the difference between plasma cutting and laser cutting?

  • Material Range

Both plasma cutting vs fiber laser cutting machine can cut metal. The difference is that the CO2 laser machine cannot operate on workpieces that have a reflective surface, which reduces the quality of the cut. And the plasma cutting machine can be operated for stainless steel and aluminum.

  • Function

The functions of laser cutting machines are diverse. In addition to cutting metal, it also includes functions such as trimming, scribing, welding, and engraving.

  • Price

The price of the fiber laser cutter is generally much higher than the plasma cutting machine. This is not only because the value of the laser generator is high, but also the operating cost is extremely low.

The advantages of laser cutting vs plasma cutting?

  • Accuracy

The cutting accuracy of the fiber laser cutting machine is high. The speed can reach 10 m / min when the accuracy is as high as 0.05 mm. And the speed range of the plasma cutting machine is 0-8000 mm/min, that is to say, the plasma cutting machine cannot reach the speed of the optical fiber laser cutting machine without ensuring the cutting accuracy. Do you want to know How accurate is plasma cutting? Contact us now.

  • Cutting quality

The cutting width of the fiber laser cutter is generally 0.10-0.20 mm, and the cutting surface is free of burr, so the cutting roughness can be controlled within ra6.5. In addition, the laser cutting machine has achieved non-contact cutting, basically, there is no thermal deformation of the workpiece. And the cutting quality is high. The cutting quality of plasma cutting is far inferior to the fiber laser cutting machine.

  • Cutting thickness

The cutting thickness of the plasma cutting machine is 0.2-15mm, while the high-power fiber laser cutting machine is 80mm.

How much does a laser cutting machine cost?

So, what is the price of the plasma machine? Is plasma cutting expensive? The price of a fine plasma cutting machine is about tens of thousands of dollars per set. Of course, due to different brands, categories, configurations, etc., there will be a big deviation in the price. If you want to ask me, what are the disadvantages of laser cutting? Ha, I think the disadvantage of the fiber laser cutting machine is only expensive. If you have enough budget, Metools’s fiber laser cutting machine will be your better choice. Welcome to contact us!


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