In complex aircraft construction, sheet metal parts are an important part. Kitchen, toilets, aluminum corner pipe products, seat parts, shelter doors, etc. are all processed with sheet metal. The processing of aircraft sheet metal parts requires very high technology.

Digital manufacturing technology solves various coordination problems in the process of forming parts and promotes the manufacture from traditional to advanced digital technology.

Two Application Technologies

  • Fiber Laser Welding Technology
  • Fiber Laser Cutting Technology
Fiber Laser Welding Technology

Titanium alloy is mainly used in the main structural parts of aircraft, and aluminum alloy is the material of launch vehicles and spacecraft. Compared with traditional welding technology, laser processing has the advantages of energy concentration, easy operation, high flexibility, energy saving and environmental protection.

The aircraft alloy siding also uses laser welding, which requires low seam accuracy and high weld strength.

Fiber Laser Cutting Technology

At present, the design and manufacture of aero engines are very complicated, which covers tens of thousands of small parts. A large number of current titanium alloys, high-temperature gold, stainless steel, and other non-metallic special coatings are used. These materials not only have high specific hardness and brittleness but also have a high melting point and low thermal conductivity.

If adopted the conventional processing, not only the operation is complicated, but also the techniques are difficult to meet. So the high-tech laser cutting machine is required to use.

About Metools

Metools’ digital machine realizes high-quality and high-precision processing. We can ensure “aircraft quality” from product design to processing. Metools has designed a digital manufacturing system for aircraft sheet metal parts. And help in the development of aviation manufacturing.


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