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Automobile Manufacturing



As a high-tech intensive industry, automobile manufacturing has faced very severe market challenges in recent years. As the competition becomes more and more fierce, the demands of consumers are getting higher and higher, and there are more and more personalized things. This requires automakers to dig and improve manufacturing technology. 50% -70% of auto parts in industrialized countries such as Europe and America are processed by laser.

At present, China’s laser technology is still in the stage of development that has just been integrated with the automotive industry. As a leader in the laser industry, Metools has always been committed to the practice of laser technology in the automotive industry.

We provide the following solutions for your reference.

  • Car body cover
  • Airbag panel
  • Airbag liner
  • Bumper
  • Exhaust pipe
  • Gears
  • The trunk
  • Automobile shift cover
Car body cover

Laser welding technology can automatically identify a variety of models. While automatically grabbing the fixture, it calls the system-related programs for processing. Therefore, it can better meet the needs of online production, greatly improve the speed and quality of automobile welding, and truly realize automated and intelligent production.


①The welding speed is increased by 30%, up to 4.8m / min

40% reduction in process cost

③The body height is increased by 30%

Airbag panel

The equipment can realize automatic loading and unloading. The production of an airbag panel can shorten the time to less than one minute, and can accurately control the remaining thickness. All indicators and performance are excellent.


① High processing accuracy: equipped with automatic positioning device

② The weakening depth is accurate, stable and repeatable

③ Traceability of production data

Airbag liner

The airbag liner has high sealing requirements, and the temperature cannot be too high during processing. This is because an oxidation reaction occurs when the airbag explodes, generating a large amount of gas. Therefore, laser processing equipment for airbag liner will be a better choice.


① Fast and easy to control

② High yield and high precision

High welding strength, small heat-affected zone, not easy to deform


Car bumpers are shaped parts. The traditional stamping method is very complicated, and the parts are easily deformed. Using laser technology, no complicated fixture system is needed, and the incision is not deformed.


① High welding quality

② The welded joint is beautiful and highly reliable

③ The workpiece to be welded is flat

Exhaust pipe

Can weld the same or different materials or refractory materials in various special environments. The process of forming an excellent welding head.


① Welding speed block, small workpiece distortion

The weld fusion ratio is large and the grain is fine

③ Simple operation after welding


At present, laser welding gears have replaced resistance welding, induction welding, electron beam welding and other processes. Laser welding gears do not require a vacuum environment, and the welded gears do not need to be finished. Laser technology can not only reduce the number of parts, but also improve the quality of gears and reduce the manufacturing cost of gears.


The depth-to-width ratio of the weld is up to 10: 1

② The weld is better than the base metal

③ Gear can transmit large torque

The trunk

Traditional trunk welding uses M1G brazing, but M1G brazing has low efficiency and poor quality. Laser welding is mainly aimed at complex welding formation or a sharp change in the tangent direction of the weld.


① The welding surface is smooth

② Welding speed block

The weld is well formed

④ Stable quality and small deformation

Automobile shift cover

This equipment can completely replace the traditional processing methods.


① Automatic loading and unloading system

② High cutting surface quality and high precision

③ Speed block, high efficiency

④ High stability and reliability


Low cost

The cost of laser cutting is a fraction of traditional cutting. Laser cutting equipment can completely replace traditional abrasive tools, saving the manufacturing cost of abrasive tools. The laser cutting machine is more flexible, shortening the cycle while meeting individual needs.

High precision

The laser cutting equipment can accurately cut complex patterns, and the computer digital control system can easily modify the patterns with small errors.

High efficiency

The laser cutting equipment can cut the whole set of materials at one time, and the processing surface is enlarged.


The incisions cut by laser cutting equipment are smaller and smoother.

With the development of lightweight vehicles, new materials, new structures, and new processes continue to emerge, and laser processing technology will set off a new wave. Metools has maintained a good cooperative relationship with many automobile manufacturers for a long time, and can create personalized customized solutions for you.


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