Construction Machinery

Construction Machinery



The construction manufacturing industry occupies a very important position in the development of the country. It is used in various fields such as national defense construction, house construction, water conservancy construction, and mine energy construction.

The scale of China’s construction machinery industry continues to expand, gradually occupying a certain position in the world stage. The application of laser processing has greatly improved the technical level of China’s manufacturing industry.

The main object of engineering manufacturing processing is a thick steel plate. At present, the technical mainly used cutting thick steel plate abroad is laser cutting technology. In the world, this new cutting technology has been widely used in the field of heavy industry enterprises. Compared with mature applications abroad, China still lacks in this regard. The reason why this fiber cutting technology can be widely used depends on its own advantages.

(1) It greatly reduces the error during cutting. Compared with plasma cutting, there is a great advantage in accuracy.

(2) The cutting surface cut does not need to be polished twice, and can be used directly.

(3) The processing cost is reduced. The initial cost of the laser cutting machine is relatively large, but the overall capital investment is much smaller than that of the plasma cutting machine.

(4) Improve work efficiency and operation quality. The working time of laser cutting technology is shorter than that of plasma cutting technology, and the product quality is higher.

We recommend Metools conventional 3015 fiber laser cutting machine.

  1. High product accuracy and good quality.
  2. Low cost and high production efficiency.
  3. Reduce labor cost and shorten production cycle.

As a new type of processing technology, laser processing technology has played an extremely important role in the construction manufacturing industry. Its advantages of high efficiency, high quality, low consumption, and environmental protection are more suitable for modern processing systems. Gradually replaced some traditional processing technology, and became a trend of mechanical engineering manufacturing. Suitable for high-efficiency and automated processing equipment, it has become an important technical means for the economic development of enterprises.


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