Fitness Industry

Fitness Industry



With the improvement of people’s living standards, the pace of work and life is getting faster and faster, more and more people begin to exercise themselves through fitness methods.

As a result, the demand for gyms and fitness equipment has increased substantially. This article will explain the impact of fiber laser equipment on the fitness industry from two aspects.

Application of laser machine in fitness equipment

  • Fiber Laser Welding Machine

Fitness equipment needs to be in contact with people, making it necessary to have better stability. The traditional welding method has great heat influence and unstable welding seam.

The laser welding machine is used to weld fitness equipment. The welding seam is small and beautiful, and the stability is strong. The laser welding machine has a high degree of automation and the welding process is simple. Through the non-contact operation method, it can meet the requirements of cleanliness and environmental protection. The fiber laser welding machine can improve work efficiency and appear a more beautiful workpiece.

  • Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Some of the logo information on the surface of fitness equipment, compared with traditional ink printing methods, fiber laser marking has many advantages such as environmental protection, beauty, clarity, and not easy to be erased. The advantage of laser marking machine is non-contact processing.

The principle is to form a trace on the fitness equipment by condensing the high-energy laser beam into a small bright spot. The computer-controlled servo system makes this bright spot move according to the pre-arranged graphic data on the items to be processed, thus forming the desired pattern.

  • Plate and Tube Fiber laser cutting machine

In fitness equipment products, the application of pipes is very common, and many joints are connected in intersecting lines.The traditional processing method is achieved by using band saws, drilling machines, and special milling machines. This method can neither guarantee the appearance nor accuracy, but also takes up a lot of labor costs and time costs of tooling and transfer.

The laser cutting machine can realize the cutting of various shapes of pipes and can process any complicated graphics on the surface of the tube, which is not limited by the difficulty of the graphics. The cut pipe does not require secondary processing and can be directly welded. It has a high degree of flexibility, fast cutting speed, high production efficiency, and short product production cycle create unlimited value for the enterprise.

The Advantages of laser machine in the fitness industry

  • High Automation
  • Low Cost and High Precision
  • Beautiful Effect
High Automation

The laser cutting machine equipped with automatic loading and unloading can realize fully automated production and automatic bale loading. Automatic clamping, automatic measurement of length, and automatic cutting can reduce the conversion time of work materials. This does not require secondary processing, improving work efficiency.

Low Cost and High Precision

Full CNC machining mode, low machining gap. While improving the processing accuracy, the production cost is reduced. Moreover, the performance of laser equipment is stable and reliable, and the machine can work continuously for more than 24 hours.

Beautiful Effect

Fully flexible processing, which can cut various trajectory contours. The processing effect is good, and the product is more beautiful, thereby increasing the brand’s popularity.


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