Grain Industry

Grain Industry



With the development of agriculture, the types of machinery products tend to be diversified and specialized. The advanced laser processing technology, drawing system and numerical control technology not only reduce the cost, but also improve the economic benefits. China is a large grain production country, and it has issued policies and measures these year to improve the level of agricultural mechanization and modernization.

In the past, the cutting of sheet metal parts used shearing, stamping. The quality is difficult to guarantee, and the production cycle is long. Encountered special-shaped parts must adopt welding, grinding and other complex processes, which restrict the improvement of process effects. Moreover, this method consumes a large mold, covers a large area, and has a high cost and cycle.

A few years ago, CO2 cutting technology was applied to the production of agriculture. Today, large laser cutting machines are widely used in the grain processing industry. Because it has the characteristics of accurate cutting, saving raw materials, easy processing, and welding deformation, it has become a weapon to help the development of China’s agricultural machinery industry.


  1. The thickness of the sheet metal processing parts of agricultural machinery is generally 2-6mm metal, which is the optimal thickness for laser machine cutting.
  2. Fast cutting speed, small footprint, high degree of flexibility, short product cycle
  3. High quality, no deformation and no burr
  4. Low production cost, safety and environmental protection

Cutting SizeOptional       1500x3000mm  1500x6000mm  2000x4000mm

2000x6000mm  2500x6000mm  2500x8000mm

Total Power16KW19KW22KW24KW28KW32KW

The fiber laser cutting machine produced by MetoolsCNC is suitable for all metal blanking needs, and can solve the problems of growing customers’ investment return ratio and high equipment maintenance cost. It has important practical significance for improving the production efficiency of grain processing equipment.


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