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Locomotive Manufacturing



With the social transformation and technological progress, high-end rail transportation equipment has become a business card in our country. Laser processing is the most important manufacturing technology method in the locomotive manufacturing industry in recent years, and it has greatly promoted the improvement of the locomotive manufacturing process. And laser strengthening, laser cleaning, laser cutting, laser welding and remanufacturing have become essential weapons in the manufacturing process of high-end equipment for rail transportation.

Disadvantages of traditional welding methods.

Resistance spot welding①The surface of the outer panel is left with depressions and impressions, which affects the appearance

② Poor sealing, not suitable for high-speed vehicles

③ A large number of solder joints are gathered in one part, and the deformation is large.

Arc welding① Large heat input, large deformation and low precision

②Low welding strength and poor forming

③Slow welding speed and high production efficiency

Advantages of laser welding technology.

① No welding marks on the outer surface, beautiful car body

② Small heat input, small welding distortion and high precision

③ Easy to realize automation and improve the stability of welding quality

④ Good body strength and density performance

The use of stainless steel welding technology is becoming increasingly widespread. The United States, Japan, and France have used stainless steel to make train bodies. The welding performance of stainless steel is affected by the coefficient of thermal expansion and thermal conductivity. Therefore, it is only suitable for the welding method with small heat input, that is, laser welding.

We provide the following plan for your reference.

  1. For typical joints of stainless steel car body (butt joint, lap joint, corner joint), Carry out laser welding process optimization and joint performance evaluation, braking the laser welding process specification (WPS);
  2. Demonstrate the feasibility of laser welding the main components of the stainless steel car body (side walls, door frames).

Metools is a manufacturer focused on fiber laser technology. According to customer requirements, we can customize personalized solutions. Better service to every customer.


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