Shipbuilding Industry

Shipbuilding Industry



In recent years, laser technology has developed rapidly. In the shipbuilding industry, laser cutting, welding, and cleaning processes have begun to ban some old processes. This has a huge impact on the entire shipbuilding industry. At present, major shipyards in Europe, America and Japan have adopted laser processing technology.

At present, the cutting methods of hull plate mainly include flame cutting, plasma cutting, shearing processing and laser cutting. Compared with laser cutting, other cutting methods have deficiencies in many aspects. For example, flame cutting and plasma cutting will cause problems such as wide slits, poor cutting accuracy, harmful gases, and environmental pollution.

The marine steel plate cut by laser cutting has good cutting seam quality and verticality surface. And there is no slag, thin oxide layer, smooth surface, no secondary processing. It can be directly welded, effectively reducing the working hours, and achieving barrier-free cutting of high strength ship plates.

  • The main advantages are as follows
The main advantages are as follows

  • The speed is fast and the laser welding penetration is large, so that the production efficiency is greatly improved;
  • The workload of orthopedics after welding is greatly reduced;
  • The workload of dock welding is greatly reduced;
  • Precision manufacturing of ships becomes possible;
  • Structural optimization design to reduce structural weight;
  • It is beneficial to the modular design and manufacture of ships.

Due to its high efficiency, fast speed and good quality, laser processing has been widely used in the field of shipbuilding. At present, laser processing has become a key technology for advanced manufacturing.


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