Textile Industry

Textile Industry



In recent years, laser technology has been widely used in the textile industry. There are laser cutting, laser sewing, laser deformation, laser modification and laser singeing, laser fixing, laser anti-counterfeiting, laser bleaching. As a brand-new processing method in the textile industry, laser technology has become the best choice for the textile industry due to its precise, fast processing, simple operation and high automation.

  • Laser Cutting
  • Laser Sewing
  • Laser Deformation
  • Laser Modification
  • Laser Embroidery
  • Laser Marking
Laser Cutting

Generally, high-power lasers such as CO2 and YAG are used to focus the light spot to move on the fabric, and finally, the pattern piece can be cut out. Not only can the incision be cleaned flatly, but also there is no scorching phenomenon.

Laser Sewing

The principle is similar to laser welding. Through the irradiation of the laser beam, the fiber polymer is instantly fused and bonded into one. If the pulsed laser is used to irradiate the non-woven fabric with dots, the anchoring effect of acupuncture can be achieved.

Laser Deformation

Using laser to irradiate thermoplastic multiple filaments with different densities,Each single filament can be explained with different small changes, and the fluffy and natural feeling like silk will appear, which will improve the quality of the yarn.

Laser Modification

The principle is that the laser thermal effect can cause physical and chemical changes in the fiber polymer, resulting in fiber modification.This modification includes softening and functionalization caused by laser-induced fiber phase transformation.The laser-modified textile material can achieve the purpose of fiber softening and nodule strength improvement.

Laser Embroidery

More than two-thirds of textiles and clothing can use lasers to create digital patterns. Traditional textile fabric production requires post-enchantment, hot stamping, embossing and other processing. The laser burning process is more convenient, flexible and fast. Not only the pattern is clear and the three-dimensional sense is strong, but also the natural color texture of various fabrics can be fully expressed.

Laser Marking

Laser marking has the characteristics of high precision, fast speed and clearness. The printing label machine can specialize in fabric label, leather label, metal label, LOGO, etc. It is the best choice for brand clothing processing.

China is the world’s largest producer and exporter of textiles and clothing.The use of laser cutting machines has promoted the rapid development of textile machinery production enterprises. It has created huge profits for the enterprise, and the high-quality processing effect has also brought consumers a high-quality product experience.


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